Ambiguity Exist



Just completed my first week on the job… It’s rarely exactly how you plan it to be. How much do you REALLY know about your new place of employment as you’re approaching the door for your first day? It is, in that sense, like marriage. There’s only so much intel you can gather prior to ‘The Start’. And even then, things/people change. The interview process gives you an idea, asking the right questions will give you a feel, research may provide some comfort but more often than not the ambiguity of your new day to day life will still exist. 

There’s some level of excitement to this and I’m sure that’s a subjective outlook, but I believe you can learn a lot about yourself by analyzing how much of the ambiguity you were able to dispel. How well were you able to gather insight and access the presented opportunity. i.e. Are you a good ‘investor’. 


Moral of the Story: There is an art to doing all that’s within your power to make the right life choices for yourself. Practice this. Hone in on it. 

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