Defining Success

Sauder Career Success Cycle
Sauder Career Success Cycle

Success is in the mind of the beholder. It is as simple or complex as anyone wants it to be for themselves. Though I would like to place some boundaries of what I believe all ideologies of success must stay within. I strongly believe that in order to define success for yourself, you must be able to first define yourself. By having an understanding of who you are as an individual will allow you to embrace what it is you truly desire and what in life will bring you happiness. Which brings me to my next parameter; all ideas of success must lead to an overall happiness, self-gratitude, and a strong sense of satisfaction. Of course these feelings will not be by your side 24/7 all day every day, but this must be the overwhelming and consistent feelings of someone who has reached their idea of success.

As for myself, I define success as equaling significance. I desire to positively affect others’ lives, along with financially living a comfortable life, living life to what I deem it’s fullest, and doing right by my family and my faith.

How do you define success?

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