There’s NO Such Thing as a Stupid Question…

ImageOh  really?  Then why, more often than not, is fear so prevalent in asking any question?

There comes a day in our lives where we’re no longer considered cute enough to be “ahh” at when asking where babies come from or inquiring about Santa’s escapades. The “ahh’s” are replaced with a parent’s “Because I said so” or by laughter from your classmates. Asking a question is tough enough as is, the fear of public speaking or just simply the fear of speaking up can often apply, so it’s interesting why our societal norms condemn the action. The fascination of this however increases when we take a look within ourselves. Most of us are guilty of laughing at another’s question, yet we all have felt the fear that comes from being the asker. A prime example of hypocrisy that just about all of us fall victim to.

There are no stupid questions.

Just hypocritical listeners.

Please, ask away.

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