Loyal You Are…

Take a quick moment to consider the products you use in on a general basis. For me this would be; a basketball, clothing, tooth brush, hair shampoo, laptop, TV, email, car, etc… the list can go on for quite a bit. I typically buy everything for a reason, a purpose, just as  most of us. I buy casual shoes for fashion, I buy hair shampoo to promote healthy hair/hygiene and so on… and as we drill down deeper as to why we buy the specific products we do we can at times see a divide: Product loyalty vs. Brand Loyalty.

I can’t quite recall the brand of tooth brush I use, but it’s a battery powered pulsating tooth brush and I know exactly where it is located at the store.

-Product Loyalty

Basketball is like religion to be. To be taken very serious and I strive to arm myself with brands that emphasis this body of thought. Nike does just that. You won’t catch me playing ball without wearing Nike shoes.

-Brand Loyalty


As a marketer this matters and is important to comprehend. Product marketing is key and very necessary to explain to your desired consumer why you’ve created this product for them specifically. While your Brand marketing is required to emphasize the Brand’s core beliefs. Some consumers HAVE to buy a particular product because they feel it’s the best for them. I personally will not stray from Aveeno lotion or my face as I know it will be no more. Some consumers HAVE to buy a particular brand because they believe it promotes their own personal brand in the best fitting way. I use gmail as my professional contact email due to how it’s brand is so well received in the business world, and I myself want to be perceived as professional.

A marketers message has the capability to appeal to the consumer’s lifestyle or their needs. Yet some of the most strategic do both.

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