Tyler Perry vs. The Wayans


I sat up this morning and thought randomly, Tyler Perry isn’t the first, last, nor only Black media figure who’s been habitually producing a bias and one-sided depiction of ‘Black America’.

Example.. The Wayans brothers. Their on-air presentation of Blacks is generally not in the most positive of lights. Playing coonish characters often times lacking intellect, manners and basic common sense. Yet, these brothers by large are embraced, appreciated and loved by the Black community. Not to say this is wrong or right, but after analyzing their body of work and comparing their portrayed (on-screen) image of Black America against Tyler Perry’s, I struggle understanding how the Wayans escape the same publicly wide ridicule that Tyler Perry endures.

So if you’re able to bare with my disposition, then I lead next with a question. Why have we, the Black American Community (generalizing), singled out Tyler Perry to criticize for his single personal depiction of Black America? A question I pose to challenge why we criticize successful Blacks, not a question I pose to promote further criticizing. 

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