What the Internet Is Getting Absolutely Wrong About Solange’s Fight With Jay Z

What the Internet Is Getting Absolutely Wrong About Solange's Fight With Jay Z

            While the media runs away with making a sibling-in-law altercation look like Pacquiao vs. Marquez, I wanted to take a moment to help shed some light on another perspective. While from what we are able to tell, no one seemed to be hurt in this scenario, but domestic violence is something that should always be taken serious (wait for it…) even when it is the man who is victimized. Am I calling Jay the victim here? I don’t have nearly enough information to apply labels, nor do I seek those details. Yet simply wanted to pave the literary road for an article that brings up some very relevant and valuable points…

“When we make light of violence against men, we set a terrible precedent. Media narratives matter, and this reaction is hugely insulting to the whopping 835,000 men who are victims of partner violence each year. Men are less likely to report their abuse due to the perceived stigma that surrounds being a male victim, and it’s no wonder that many feel uncomfortable coming forward when their ordeals are routinely trivialized by pop culture. As the Daily Beast points out, “Male victims find themselves in the same position women were 30 years ago. Their problem is viewed as of little consequence, or they are to blame, and their [sic] are few available resources for male victims.”

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