6 Secrets to Being an Irreplaceable Employee

1. Show the employer your value.

Actions speak much louder than words when it comes to being an indispensable employee. A good way to show your value is to keep your boss in the loop about your accomplishments.

Consider keeping a document to record your quantifiable accomplishments in your current position. Each month or quarter, email your boss a bulleted list of those accomplishments to illustrate your performance. Just remember, this email needs to be done tactfully to avoid appearing boastful.

2. Be the team player who goes above and beyond.

Irreplaceable employees are individuals who are willing to step up to the plate when needed. In addition, they have enough experience to temporarily fill a role or complete a last-minute project.

These types of employees are always willing to help, yet they aren’t the “yes man” in the organization. They also know when help is needed and will be the first to step in when they see room for improvement.

To be the team player who goes above and beyond, always keep your eyes open for opportunities. If you see a coworker struggling to finish a project and you have extra time, don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Not only will you do a favor for your coworker, but also the rest of the department will notice your willingness to contribute to the success of the team.

3. Become an expert in a specific area of your department.

After you’ve settled into your job and have become more familiar with your company and its culture, identify the type of expert your company needs. Pay close attention to areas in the company that seek improvement or stronger leadership, and begin building your skills around that area of expertise.

Once you’ve developed your skills and gained more experience, position yourself as the go-to person for that area. This will turn you into an even more valuable resource for your employer and make it more difficult to replace you.

4. Be a living example of your company’s culture.

Some of the most irreplaceable employees are those whose personalities have become a part of a company’s culture. I’ve had the privilege to manage employees who add a great deal of meaning to my company’s culture, whether due to their driven work ethic or quirky personality.

If you want to be an irreplaceable employee, make it your goal to be a living example of your company’s culture. You should want to become the employee who, if you were to leave, would make it seem like a piece of the company had disappeared. Make your presence known in a positive way by spreading your work ethic, personality, and positive attitude throughout your company.

5. Always look for ways to develop your skills.

Not only should you do your job well, but also you should seek opportunities to develop your skills and experience. This will show your employer you are doing your best to maximize the results of your position.

To develop your skills, take advantage of learning opportunities within your company or in other outlets. Consider asking your boss for a new type of project that will give you the chance to learn a new skills. You can also attend industry events to learn new ideas to bring back to your company.

6. Be a likeable employee.

Think of a coworker or boss you usually go to when you seek help or advice. That individual is probably someone who is easy to approach and talk to, right?

Being a likeable employee means displaying your genuine character and being friendly and easily approachable at work. To truly be a rockstar employee, you need the excellent work ethic combined with a positive attitude, which will increase your value at work. If you can master the aforementioned secrets of irreplaceable employees and be a likeable employee, it’ll be very difficult to find another employee like you.

Being indispensable to your company can be a challenge for Millennials. But as long as you work hard, contribute to the overall success of your team, and display an excellent character, you’ll be on your way to becoming an irreplaceable employee.

What do you look for in an irreplaceable employee?

By Heather R. Huhman

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