What They are not Teaching us is Hurting Us!

What They are not Teaching us is Hurting Us!

          I’ve often sat back and considered all the things I wish I would have been taught during my years in high school and college [respectively] that are paramount to success as a young adult. I do appreciate the concept of being introduced to multiple subjects, the attempt to provide a balanced education. Balanced?… right, well we’ll focus on the key word ‘attempt’. Credit, taxes, bills, 401k, mutual funds, savings strategies, how to buy a car, loan management, rent vs. own, etc. All these vital bits of information can absolutely make or break you as you journey towards your definition of success. The constant validation of friends pinging me with the same frustrations led me to really wonder, America needs to have a survey system to gather information from recent and semi recent high school and college graduates on what subject matters they believed to be valuable to them personally and for their career aspirations and also asking their opinion on subject matters that were not provided that they believe would have been valuable in their life following high school and college respectively. We should have some input on the education we receive, and I think this would be a fundamental step towards achieving that.

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