#BrotherToBrother Youth Male Retreat Pt. 1

          I’ve just recently returned from a weekend Male Youth Retreat. Volunteering as a Mentor/camp leader for The Man Project, we took 80 Black and Brown boys ages 8 – 19 to the mountains for a weekend of overcoming. And if I could only have you sympathize with what all we are overcoming… I mean to say these boys face impossible odds, yet they can stop, and smile and laugh with the best of them. It was an amazingly empowering weekend and as I come back to ‘reality’ it pains me… I actually can’t even begin to explain all the ways I’m infuriated with how the American societal dynamic bullies and limits those I find most near and dear to me: The Youth of my Culture. The realities they are faced with are not new to me, but I guess the reality of how many face this reality and to witness just a few of the modern consequences resulting from the trans-Atlantic enslaved trade was infuriating, inspiring and humbling all in the their own right. I look up to these young men and I hope we can continue to grow together and change one another lives’ as well as reclaim what has been always ours: Mental liberty from modern forms of  oppression.

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