Thoughts on Suicide… As I see it

            I’ve been doing a lot of thinking stemming from the passing of Robin Williams, and I beginning to believe Depression is a ‘illness’ we’ve labeled for those unable to place mind over matter, as we (society) so judge it. I raised questions as people shared their grief and sorrow for Mr. Williams. Life is can be a bit unpredictable and the Mind is an amazingly and often surprisingly powerful influencer. But why is it when someone places more value on death than life we deem them wrong or needing help? Many who’ve faced similar life choices had options albeit seek medical assistance, seek friend/family support, seek seclusion, find a new life purpose or seek a new way out. In my view, death is an option (disregarding extreme cases, speaking generally), an option that if chosen I will not display sympathy for the chooser. Sure, it goes without needing to be said, there is sympathy to share with those effected by the decision; family, close friends, etc. But for the individual who selected the option, I simply hope their decision is one they do not regret and I wish them eternal wellness. Yet, I will hold my sympathy for those who flight and scratch and claw  just to see the sun rise another day. There are people around the world that face acts of genocide on a daily basis, human trafficking, domestic violence, police/authority brutality etc…. these are people who WANT to live who choose life, but other human beings are attempting to deny them that most basic and fundamental right. It is these people I will hold my sympathy for.

In furthering my thoughts I also analyzed the aspect of primary world religions and their stance on suicide. These structures of beliefs promote ending one’s life as a lesser option and it is my belief that our general outlook on death/suicide stems directly from our general religious views as a society. So if I’m to break this down into factual/realistic terms; we believe suicide is wrong/saddening due to bias unproven/fictitious beliefs that we now have sought to define this by attaching a medical term to it aka Depression. And please don’t go run off with my comments on religion.

I do believe depression is a real thing, I don’t want that to get misconstrued. I believe there is the act of being depressed and then their are those with legitimate mental illnesses in which they are irrationally a true determent to their own health. I just feel we’re much too quick to rely on the word depression when attempting to state the simple: Death was held in more value than life as that individual so saw it, a fact not a negative nor positive.


Note: Sympathetic or not, I truly believe we ALL have the ability to have a positive impact on this world and strongly believe the value of life is unmatched.

Please feel free to share your insight. I can understand and appreciate other outlooks and actually desire to learn more of what others may think on the topic.

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