What should be the Educational priority in American classrooms?



What should be the Educational priority in American classrooms?

In my opinion, it should look like this:

  1.  Self & Cognitive learning
  2.  Health and wellness
  3.  Unbiased cultural and world history
  4.  American and world Government
  5.  Financial Management

            I find it interesting to me that many of the struggles that face American citizens, if not all, are rooted in the lack of knowledge and comprehension of the above stated subject matters. Many students struggle determining a college, major and career that is right for them, typically stemming from lack of knowledge of one’s self and not having determined one’s purpose. Obesity is a growing threat uniquely so to Americans, hence lack of knowledge of healthy habits. Fear, tension and hatred toward different ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs more often than not stem from not truly understanding the other. The basic root of building the bridge of communication and learning can often times break down the wall of tension that we see resulting needlessly in scenarios such as segregation, LGBT hate crimes, etc. I believe government to hold a similar importance in that, we must fully understand the entities in which we often times want to change aspects of. Furthermore, we need to be aware of how other countries operate and understand what works for who and why, as to better build and support our government. Lastly, debt has plagued our citizens for far too long. Most mismanage money simply because they were never taught how to manage it. Most of us have never seen a W-9 until our first job or what about a 401k, IRA, stocks, mutual funds, general savings accounts and interest fees, etc.

            Clueless most of us are as society expects us to pick up these habits without a hitch? No… they don’t. That’s why we need to level the playing field via the reconstruction of American’s educational priorities. The knowledge of self promotes confidence and self-love, this is the most basic building block of all. Love and confidence leads to open mindedness and acceptance and leadership.

America is on fire. And I’m left wondering why we continue to focus the fire hoes on the apex of the flame. It starts with the roots. Let’s turn our attention to our Youth.

 By Corbin Pickett

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