Youth Mentoring Action Network Launches the Inland Empire Mentoring Initiative (IEMI)

Local non-profit organization kicks off campaign to bring attention to mentoring. 
CLAREMONT CA, AUGUST 25, 2014 -In 2012 San Bernardino county showed educational improvement in every area except college readiness. The percent of seniors graduating from San Bernardino County schools eligible for UC or CSU campuses is lower than that of the statewide average.  The Inland Empire Mentoring Initiative (IEMI) is an action and awareness campaign to position effective and quality mentoring as a critical strategy for higher education access and retention.
“This campaign is really about joining a larger conversation about how to help youth in the Inland Empire. Lot’s of ideas are being discussed, but effective and quality mentoring have been missing from that conversation,” says Dr. Weiston the organization’s Executive Director. In an effort to join a regional conversation about how to help ALL youth attend college and to be successful once they get there, the Youth Mentoring Action Network has formed a coalition of non-profit organizations, K-12 institutions, governmental agencies, institutions of higher education and local communities to generate public dialogue, engage stakeholders, inspire volunteers, and build quality mentoring programs.  “I’m excited to be part of helping other young people gain access to the same kind of help that I have had,” says Adan Chavez, a mentee and intern in the organization.

Two youth summits, one for high school youth on November 22nd and one for LGBT youth on December 13th have already been scheduled. More events, including a stakeholders summit, are in the planning stages. To keep track of events related to this initiative visit the Youth Mentoring Action Website.

The Youth Mentoring Action Network is joined by Tru Evolution, the BLU Foundation and Cal Poly Pomona’s Office of Admissions and Outreach and supported by San Bernardino Board of Supervisors Janice Rutherford.
About the Youth Mentoring Action Network
The Youth Mentoring Action Network is dedicated to leveraging the power of mentoring relationships to increase access to higher education for all youth. Since 2007, we have worked to engage high school youth in quality mentoring relationships that lead mentees down the path of higher education.
Corbin Pickett
Lead, Board of Directors
Email address:

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