What Taking Ownership Means to Me…

            Whenever something happens in my life that I’m not happy about, I pause, and analyze just why that’s the case. Why am I unhappy or what specifically is making me unhappy and how did I contribute to it. Now, by contributing I’m not necessarily saying I take blame. By all means, there will be times here and there the situation calls to accept the blame, yet in every single situation I am a contributor.

If I hate my boss (hypothetically). I am a contributor. How? Well, I’m subjecting myself to the working environment that I dislike on a daily basis. It may just rightfully be none of my fault that my boss is a jerk who thinks in these modern times it’s ok to demand others to retrieve coffee for him, amongst many other worthless request. Yet, I must not play ignorant to the roll I play. After all, it is mlife and my emotions. So, it should be up to me ultimately to take control of things.

The concept is simple. If you believe that you play a role in every facet of your life, that then means you have a level of control in every facet of your life. As soon as you realize the role you play in dealing with a horrible boss and own up to your contribution to the situation, then you can wisely address yourself; “how can I change my situation?” Whether that’s having a 1 on 1 touch base with your boss to address matters, sharing your sentiments with HR, request a change in departments, or seek a job opportunity elsewhere the end result will be the same; Problem solving via taking Ownership.

Life is too short to live with your problems. Take control. Take Ownerships. And become a Problem Solver.

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