January’s National Mentoring Month in Review

RISE Student Panelists of Cal Poly Pomona. An amazing cast that shared stories and wisdom with our Youth Mentoring Action Network Students and led them on an inspiring campus tour!

Taking a moment to look back on January, I want to really call attention to some amazing work I’ve been having the great pleasure to witness and be a contributing part of. Youth Mentoring Action Network took every feasible advantage of our nation’s National Mentoring Month hosting and taking part in several events through the course of the month. We are truly united in our passion and mission to leverage the power of mentoring to increase access to opportunities for all youth. Here is a list of our recent events from the past month:

  • Mentoring College Access Panel
  • LGBTQIA Youth Mentoring Summit
  • Cal Poly Pomona Tour and College 101 Student Panel
  • Los Angeles Black College Expo
  • 2015 National Mentoring Summit* (in spirit… weather cancelled flight)

Learn more about our efforts at MentoringActionNetwork.org!

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