Control… Is it in Your Hands?

The human mind and the American Government. 2 things we all consistently undervalue and underestimate the complexity of it’s brilliance and intrinsic power. And oddly enough we convince ourselves we don’t have or can’t take control over these entities; when the exact opposite is true. Control is taken, not given. Most of us just simply don’t take control.

Monks and Yogis, among others, have long since mastered the development of mental understanding and control. Yet the Westernized way of life promotes using your mind primarily to gain capital. The American Government is said to be for the people, a service industry. Given the power to be heard is not the same as given power to create change.

I don’t bring these concepts up to discourage, but the opposite. Seize today to begin taking control. Begin with the mind. Become more in tune with self. In time you will feel the new power you wield when you develop more knowledge and control of self.

10 Benefits of Self-Knowledge

  1. The ability to act consciously instead of reacting emotionally to people and events.
  2. The ability to genuinely love yourself.
  3. Being authentically happy rather than pretending you are.
  4. Greater depth of experience and enjoyment of life.
  5. The ability to redirect your negative thoughts and emphasize positive ones.
  6. Behaving positively instead of creating additional obstacles.
  7. Enjoying positive interpersonal relationships.
  8. Being the real you.
  9. Living courageously and without limits.
  10. The ability to make your dreams come true.

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