Love at First Success?


Such a mystical concept that seemingly holds the  world captive and skews much of reality. I won’t leave out Disney and like fairytale-esk media outlets whom are at fault a bit. From childhood and on we’ve been groomed to desire, hope, believe that success can come at first attempt, but how much of a reality is this? Did you learn to walk as a baby at your first attempt? Swim on first attempt? Ski, skateboard, make a jump shot, tie your shoe laces… likelihood is, none of these were completed successfully on your first attempt along with countless other small and large life ventures we’ve all taken on.

So why is it you believe you’ll find your life passion on first attempt? Or the ideal job opportunity on first attempt?

Success is the learnings that come from simply ‘trying to completion’. You fail if you do not try. You fail if you do not see your trials through completion. You lose out if you do not learn.

By: Corbin Pickett

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