Apprenticeship vs Mentorship

Lately it’s come to my attention that there is little conversation round the difference between Apprenticeship vs Mentorship and why the differentiation is even valuable to know as young professional, especially the avid networker.


  • Appreciating the Craft and the Person to the extent at which you want to be tutored by them. The angle is to learn how they address the particular craft.


  • Seeking a bond and relationship with an individual whom you respect despite craft or talents, but see value in their wisdom and advice.

Now just why is this valuable to know and consider? Often times the young networker is seeking someone that is like them or in the same career field as them to help mentor them. Surely these aspects are helpful, but it is quite possible we are missing out on a great mentor, someone who can offer us unique and valuable perspectives as it pertains to you and your life, after all we must remember that our career is just a subset of these. A mentor might help you develop better time management skills, cope with the realities of job transitioning, help identify personal strengths and weaknesses, etc.

In essence, think of it like this: An Apprentice is someone you want to be like professionally. A Mentor is someone you want to learn from. Strategically it is wise to surround yourself with mentors yet hone in on developing an apprenticeship rapport with maybe only one or two individuals. And if luck so has it, you may be graced with coming across someone who you find to serve as both.

The Candid Professional 

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