Rich & Poor DON’T Network the Same

          Over the years I feel I have observed a general but consistent difference in how the Poor vs. Rich network. What I’ve primarily observed is the difference in mindset in regards to the concept ‘birds of a feather’. Poor network with those of similar commonalities; hobbies, upbringing, general likes. Rich network with those of similar status; capital, power, goals. The Poor network with those who seemingly make good friends, which is not a negative trait as often times it is our friends who we expect to hold our best interest at heart. But interest and access are too completely different paradigms. The Rich network with those who have access and can offer access to others. Access may be materialistic, capital or knowledge based resources that can support your professional and career growth.

As you grow professionally (typically) many individuals will move in and out of your networking circle, with the hope being that those you consider friends will stay relatively consistent. Some of us will be fortunate and/or strategic enough to build networking friendships, yet the aim should be clear; Develop understanding that your Friends are a circle of individuals who support you emotionally and hold you accountable morally, while your Network is a circle of acquaintances with access to assets.

Moral: Poor network with Friends, Rich network with Assets. How many of your friends are assets?

By: Corbin J. Pickett

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