The Sky is Not Blue..

          America ‪‎Media‬ has made it so that about 90% of the time I invite someone who is non-black/Latino to hang out with me and my black friends, the response I get is aligns with: ‘Are you sure it’s OK?’… These people are generally far from any word that remotely alludes to racist and most are educated global citizens, but it just goes to show how powerful lack of knowledge and Media are. They, by understanding measures, are so far removed from minority culture of America that they primarily only see Latino’s referred to as ‪‎immigrants and Blacks as violent ‪‎protesters. They see a Black criminal and an illegal immigrant on TV alarmingly much more often than catching one in a suit or even causal business attire.

EVERYDAY I wake up and 90% of the time the Sky is Blue (perk of Los Angeles). If you ask me what color the sky is, I’d say blue EVERYDAY. Crazy reality however, sky is black at night, dark blue pending how many stars you can see in the sky. The sky has beautiful red and orange tents as the sun sets and rises. Have you ever seen a purple sky? It’s enchanting. Or how about Aurora Borealis! Yet, because I am shown/told something an overwhelming amount of times, my answer is… The Sky is Blue. Crazy how that works right?

How conditioned are you? Better yet, how honest are you willing to be with yourself?

By: Corbin J. 

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