Culture is Key

The American culture is so messed up!

Folks scream civil rights when in fact they only strive for self rights. Other folks are being gunned down and the primary question raised by the masses is ‘Are they MY people, or not MY concern?’. Media outlets continuously perpetuate each scenario and offer no solution, no support, no equal/educated arena of conversation. We’ve come to all be sooo sensitive about our own cultural/personal plights that we’ve come to feel entitled that our plight deserves to be primary to all others. As if we’re well overdue in being ‘owed’. It takes A LOT to change a bad culture into a positive one. But if we make it an ‪‎American Culture problem, oppose to a mine vs. theirs… who knows, we might make some progress at that point. It truly is a difference maker when coming to the table and asking “How do we make America better for everyone?” as oppose to “How can America be made better for me?”. You instantly change the culture of the conversation.

This is a mere introduction to my thoughts over modern America’s rising social conflicts. We have a ways to go as a nation before we reach progressive cross-cultural collaboration. It is a righteous journey however and one of need.

We will get there…

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