Benefits of it Being your Fault




   The fear to fail just might be single-handed the most obstructive aspect in most of our way from achieving our definition of success. Whether that fear festers from thoughts of losing all our income, receiving potential blame from a manager, or that feeling of being not-so-smart among our peers.

So this generally means we side step fear when it’s convenient for us to do so. Often times passing up opportunities to speak opinionated thoughts for the sake of feeling safe, as oppose to taking the risk of being wrong. Not only are you suppressing an opportunity for yourself to learn in these moments by receiving insight and feedback on your perspectives, but you’re also enforcing the personal habit of questioning yourself. Part of the act of taking action, speaking up, volunteering, and taking these risks is training yourself and your mind to act with confidence prior to embracing the faulty fear that’s amidst. Think of it like this; Kobe Bryant practiced religiously the art of catching and shooting the ball to the extent it became a fluent seconded-nature motion from catch to release. Sure he doesn’t make every shot, but he absolutely doesn’t give fear or hesitation the chance to effect his shot making probability and there in lies the key! While on the contrary, the guy who did hesitate and showed lack of confidence, well he never made it to the NBA.

Fear hinders. Don’t let it hinder you.

By: Corbin J Pickett

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