3 Most Important Tips for Entrepreneurs

Business Plan

Out Learn the Competition:

We live in the age of information. You will be hard pressed to NOT be able to find anything and everything you need to know online. Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, audio books, physical books, magazines, articles, etc. If you’re familiar with the hit HBO show Entourage, Ari a lead character who plays a hotshot talent agent is just about the cockiest businessman around. What’s so enviable about this is that his cockiness is led, supported, and completely backed up by his impenetrable savvy and knowledge of the industry and world he’s involved in. No one can speak around him or stump him, simply because he is the most eager student within his field. Prime example of how knowledge = power.

ONLY develop Businesses you’re Passionate about:

Coffee will only keep you going for so long and energy drinks are a bit questionable health-wise after so much consumption. Do yourself a favor and limit yourself to only indulging in business ventures that you are passionate about. Passion is a motivator that will lead you to knocking out a days’ worth of research and it only having felt like a couple hours. Passion will make those all-nighters feasible, durable, and inviting even. Moreover, passion will allow your sales pitch to become effortless for you to share and believable when heard.

Make your Brand your Business!:

With so many valued free social media outlets out there on the market, don’t pass up the opportunity to further push your business’s brand. This is also why it’s key to focus on ventures you’re passionate about. Posting pictures and status updates about mentoring and working with youth not only supports the brand of my business, Youth Mentoring Action Network, but it also provides a synergy of trust between my personal brand and business brand. Inevitably my audience will seek me out to learn more about my business and mentoring activities, as oppose to my audience only reaching out to my business seeking support. Leaders like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs are great examples of individuals who synergized their personal with their business’s brand to perfection. It’s perfectly fine and plausible to be successful without making this strong dual brand alignment, but understand this, consumers will buy goods they deem in demand, however they will become a lifetime customer if they believe in You.

By Corbin J. Pickett

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