College -> Career: The Modern Day Arranged Marriage

Millennials are the first generation to live by the mantra, do what you Love and love what you do. And though this is still a very young concept to humankind, in the grand scheme of our history, it’s amazing how most of us act as if doing something we don’t love very well could be the end of our world. In fact, generally we’ve come to fantasizing about our dream job much like we do our dream husband or wife. This romanticizing early within your career’s start of a job in which you believe love at first sight will occur, is as much a falsehood as it is with relationships. It is largely the exception and far from the rule. Think about it… How many of us or those we know have accepted a job so excited thinking it would be a lifelong [equal 5 years in 21st century time] bond, when we only need but wait a few months before complaints and frustrations stack up. What happened?! Well, just like with a relationship, people [your managers and scope of work] change and more importantly you learn more about them every day. So before you think I’m toting a dark cloud over relationships, I’m actually drawing light to how this can be a positive if you’re willing to accept the realities of The Modern Day Arranged Marriage.

Or this actually might be better termed; Modern Day Arranged Dating. The foundational element of a successful arranged relationship is teamwork and more precisely, effective communication. And truly effective communication is not just two way, but internal as well. A young professional building the foundation of their career needs to be able to be honest with themselves above all else.

Questions such as; Do I love my new job? [if yes] A truly honest person would be able to admit their love, yet also admit that their current love holds limited knowledge of what they love and due to this the love is temporary. That love has a right to change. That love also has a right to grow. Asking the right personal and career oriented questions internally and as well as to colleagues and supervisors regarding company mission, ethics, culture, growth opportunities, etc. will immensely support a positive growth. And this is true even when the positive growth helps you learn that while a great experience, who you’ve grown to become and where you’re going is better suited for a different mate. Temporary love is not wrong. Its poor communication that breaks hearts or leaves us lingering in a position we’ve grown to recent.

By: Corbin J. Pickett

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