Two Months into the #Laidoff Life…

What happens now??

From the moment I was old enough to be held accountable I’ve been tasked with choirs. Choirs, homework, and sports groomed me well to take instruction and excel when provided direction. However, for the past 2 months I’ve lived with no direction and without any instruction, save for my own. It has been easily the most liberating experience, yet still one with its fair share of stress and worry. What to do about medical care? Should my weekly expenses change now that I have no consistent income? What do I do post-severance check? Even the simplest of things like creating a new daily norm has been an experiment with a significant learning curve.

I’m racing against a subjectively ticking financial clock, be it that a severance check has a relatively short term shelf life. Luckily branching from my 9 to 5 job to go full time with my entrepreneurial non-profit venture had been on my radar and a 2016 goal of mine. Though this act happened a bit prematurely, being laid off is easily one of the greatest blessings and has created quite the prime opportunity for me to put all my focus into my passion project.

In my first 2 months of being laid off I’ve managed more learning than task completing. A humbling and slightly disappointing reality, realizing just how MUCH work there is to do to create a truly self sufficient life. I’m not just striving to develop my own foundation, but additionally furthering that of my non-profit’s. It’s like a parent navigating the desert starving with their child… who do you feed first? Well, you focus, grit your teeth and you hunt like the king of the jungle. You allow your hunger to drive you to desire a feast. There is a true sense of urgency that must meet the proper amount of planning, and this is where I lie. The hunger can be overwhelming at times just simply thinking of the possibility of completely running out of rations, but the value of strategic planning will allow even the most famished to see a silver lining. I’m far from famished, in fact in truth, my rations are not so scarce just yet. In my first 2 months of being laid off I’ve learned to understand and appreciate the level of hunger I need, to desire the feast I want, before actual hunger finds me.

January began month number 3 of my journey, it also was the start of National Mentoring Month. Easily the most active and exciting month for my non profit, Youth Mentoring Action Network. Each year during this month we host a number of events all centered around youth mentoring, diversity awareness, and fundraising. But this year the vibe entering this month was a little different. A little bit more serious. Partially this is due to increased work and tasks to be done, but additionally this is largely due to understanding just how impactful the work is we’re doing and how vitally needed it is for our youth. I truly feel the weight of needing to make sure I do all I can to develop YMAN not only correctly, but quickly as well. We’re on the cusp of changing the world. To start, we’re galvanizing the mentoring movement and I would like to avidly invite you to join us in this movement. Check out what we’re up to for National Mentoring Month and if so moved, join our movement!
Until next time. Keep peace and passion,

Corbin P.


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