#MentoringMatters: How you can Help Galvanize the Mentoring Movement


Mentoring has a powerful effect that we witness, often times unknowingly. At the basis of mentoring is providing additional exposure and awareness for an individual who otherwise may not be afforded that opportunity. For many of us, its far too easy to overlook the powerful impact and learning opportunities summer vacations may have for a young person. And many of us can’t understand the intensity of being the first of your family to navigate the college process. Its overwhelming how many of our youth don’t have the proper personal development or educational support!

We of the Youth Mentoring Action Network are working hard to galvanize a youth mentoring movement through coalition building, specialized mentor training, and select programming for organizations working to mentor diverse and underserved student populations.

The organization we founded in 2007 is an emerging grassroots non-profit engaged in servicing southern California’s Inland Empire. Through providing critical mentoring and educational services our goal is to support thousands of students in one of America’s fastest growing and yet most under supported areas. We have already assisted well over 500 underrepresented youth graduate from high school on time with 98% continuing on to college and 100% of those who attend college, matriculating until graduation.

In 2015 alone we:

  • Held over 50 College Application Boot Camp Workshops in the Inland Empire to assist students in navigating the college application process.
  • Awarded $5,000 in college scholarships to deserving Inland Empire youth.
  • Supported several mentoring and youth development organizations in training their staff/mentors in the principles and sensitivities of cultural relativism.

We are dedicated to leveraging the power of mentoring and focused on enhancing our impact in 2016. Through uniting like-minded organizations within California’s Inland Empire and supporting them to provide high quality, effective, critical, and socially relevant mentoring, we’ll be able to succeed in scaling out the positive impact we have on our youth.

But we need your help! As a small organization, we thrive because of individuals like you who think our work is worthy of support. During January’s National Mentoring Month we have established a #crowdfunding goal of encouraging 500 people to give $5. We invite you to be one of our 500 today! Our organization will apply the donations to further our progress in training mentors and sourcing mentors to organizations doing youth-facing impactful work in the Inland Empire. You can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount using the following link: YMAN Mentoring Matters.

We are beyond thankful for your support!



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