Become an Entrepreneur… And Then What?

businessman lost in field using a map

So you took the leap of faith. You’ve finally become a full-time passion pursuer.

So… now what?!


When I made the jump, I was instantly faced with the odd reality of having to create a new norm for myself. For the first time in my life my daily weekday activities and tasks are not primarily being defined by an employer, or known to many as, The Man. But now I am The Man; see what I did there. And now the onus is completely on me to determine my day to day and week to week tasks, objectives and goals. And in tandem figure out how in the world this translates into a somewhat (somewhat is as best it gets for an entrepreneur) consistent working schedule.

Easier said than done when your apartment now doubles as headquarters; the couch is now the CEO’s chair and the bed is where you take all your high profile conference calls. The battle comes from both ends of learning when to start your day and when to turn everything off and figuring out how to pace yourself all throughout.

Admittedly this process is exceedingly overwhelming at times, but what I found to be a reliable cure was confiding in my goal setting strategies.

Annual : Quarterly : Monthly : Weekly : Daily

Goals : Benchmarks : Priorities : Objectives : To-do’s

An entrepreneur’s goals are their bible, in the ut-most literal sense. It’s your guide to salvation, when done well. However, goal setting is rarely a subject taught in schools these days and undervalued in general conversation. Sure, once a year we speak of resolution, but how many of us truly go about a set strategic method when setting goals? By strategically articulating what I want and need to achieve in one annual year for my business, I am then able to back that out to quarterly benchmarks, monthly priorities, weekly objectives, and daily to-do’s. Your weekly objectives and weekly to-do’s then shape and schedule your work week. Being thorough, realistic, and s.m.a.r.t. is essential in this process to succeed in laying out your biblical road map. Do it right, and trust me, you’ll find all your answers to; And then what?

Check out these resourceful resources to learn more about strategic goal setting:


Keep with peace and passion! 
Corbin J. Pickett

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