About me

The Personal Blog of a Young Business Professional.

It’s simple really. I like to consider myself a thinker, constantly in thought – plotting – analyzing – assessing. I tend to believe all ills can be cured with sharing, educating and celebrating differences. I like to think I can have an impact on this world… and if all pans out as planned, it will be one that’s for the better.

I’ve branded myself as a doer and a leader of change with multiple years of business development experience within the digital ad space. As well, several years of entrepreneurial/non-profit experience with a keen interest and focus on mentoring and youth empowerment. My combined for-profit and non-profit experience has provided me with a unique yet well-rounded knowledge of business, especially within leadership, corporate strategy, and measuring impact. Currently I offer myself as a speaker and a consultant, while having my hands in a couple of cutting edge social impact ventures.

In short, my passions are 3 fold a) Educating people b) Understanding human behavior c) building things: confidence, startups, communities, teams, brands, & futures.

As for my Blog, this is my forum to exchange professional advice, stir up social awareness and inspire critical thinking, all the while residing as a safe haven for intellectual conversation.

Follow, Comment, Share, Learn.

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